What makes your retreat different? This is the once in a lifetime chance to have a completely transformational experience that will bring you deeply in touch with your center, in every sense of the word.  By becoming deeply present with yourself in this way, in the absolute beauty that this location provides, something magical happens.  Layers of life, stress, worries, deadlines and countless labels we’ve been given begin to fade away and students are reunited with their deepest and most genuine authenticity.  Our team provides incredible support along the way and are not only some of the most talented wellness proffesionals in Manhattan and the Hamptons (brought to your service in the pristine and almost untouched setting that is Playa Iguana), but they are truly a handful of the most genuinely amazing humans that could possibly be grouped together in one place with the sole intention of providing YOU with the best experience possible.  By the end of the retreat you will have made friends that will last a lifetime.  Retreaters have often referred to our team as their “Nica family.”   This  retreat is not only about Pilates or Yoga or Surfing, but an invitation to transform the way you approach your life back home.  With a deepened connection with your self, with nature and with others, you will return home rested, inspired, filled with gratitude and bliss.  You will radiate vibrant health and we promise you that people WILL ask… “Where have you been?  Something seems different… you’re glowing!!”  You can just smile and say “Nicaragua… you had to be there.” 😉

Do I need experience practicing Pilates before attending this retreat? Most retreaters have, but Kevyn’s masterful teaching will immediately have you feeling as if you have been practicing Pilates for years. She lives and breathes the wonders that Pilates has brought to her life from the early age of 17 and her enthusiasm for the work is palpable and rooted in wisdom.  Her guidance is crystal clear as is her intention.  To provide the space in which ANY student in front of her is able to connect with their deepest and truest strength.  From the foundation of the work that will be covered in the Basics Class to the more fast pace classes, you will be given all of the tools necessary to feel confident and able in the classes and to reap the bennefits of the work.  In short, if you have prior experience with Pilates, Yoga and/or Surfing or none at all, you will feel perfectly at ease.  The only thing that we absolutely require is that you bring a commitment to engage yourself in the material being presented, and give it your very best energy and dedication.

I have a recurring minor injury. Can I still attend the retreat?  Depending on the severity of the injury and with your Doctor’s approcal, of course! This is actually the perfect place to finally recover fully from a minor, recurring injury.

I have a specific food allergy. Can the chef provide a special meal for me so I can avoid this allergy? Absolutely. Chef Scotty Craig specializes in culinary education and will accommodate all food allergic guests. Just be sure to let us know when you are booking if you have any food allergies.

Can I stay longer or arrive early? You bet.  Lindsey from Iguana Surf Rentals manages multiple other condos and houses in Hacienda Iguana and can find you great accommodations in the community for a longer stay or can offer you suggestions for other areas to visit.  She can also arrange airport transportation for you to wherever you chose to go.

What’s the local time zone? Nicaragua is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and has no daylight saving time, during which time it is seven hours behind Greenwich. There is little seasonal variation at dawn (approximately 6.00 am) and dusk (6.00 pm).

Do I need to know Spanish? It is very helpful if you know a little bit of Spanish if you are going to be traveling before or after the retreat. In the bigger towns some people may know a little English, but generally speaking, in the Tola region you will be getting by mainly with Spanish or charades. For the retreat purposes, most of our staff are bi-lingual, so, just ask us whenever you need anything at all.

Do I need to get any vaccinations? It’s best to talk with your doctor but we would only recommend that you are up to date on your tetanus shot. They do not have Malaria in the area.

Is it ok if I’m going by myself? Absolutely! This is the perfect time and place to connect with your true self, all by yourself, even. We welcome couples, friends, and solo travelers, and we cater to the type of experience you will most enjoy. You can select almost any room as a Single, and have it all to yourself- your perfect zen oasis. See Reservations for exactly which one.

If I come alone can I share a room? Just book one of the rooms with two beds, and we will fill it for you. The Sanctuary and Ocean Front Sunset Room at Casa Colorados, or the Serenity Room at the Wave Garden.

What time should I schedule my flights? You can arrive anytime on Sunday, January 31st anytime in the morning, but we suggest you try to arrive no later than 1pm to be able to get chauffeured to Playa Colorados and get settled in before the welcome dinner.

What airport do I fly into? Managua, Nicaragua (MGA) is the main airport.  From the airport to Hacienda Iguana it is a 2.5 hour drive, which you don’t have to worry about, since we are picking you up and whisking you off to paradise J.

Is Nicaragua safe? Yes, Nicaragua is very safe. It is actually rated the 2nd safest country in Central America. The only crime in our region is occasional petty theft, but Hacienda Iguana is a gated community with guards everywhere for added comfort so you have nothing to worry about at all.

How much cash do I need to bring? As much as you would normally spend in a week, but extra for tips, extra massages, or souvenirs/shopping items. There is not an ATM on the resort at this time, so better to have more than enough, then to go without an extra massage, but, hey, that’s just us 🙂 All of your food and drinks will be covered.

Is there an ATM machine close to the retreat?  We now have an ATM in the area! It is still better to plan to bring enough cash, especially if you won’t have a car to go to the ATM but there is now an ATM located just outside Iguana’s main gates (about 4 kilometers from the rental properties) that is open from 6am-12pm.

Can I use credit cards in the area? A few places do accept credit cards but most do not. On the retreat the massage therapist does not yet take credit cards, so we advise you to please bring an ample amount of cash.

Do I need to exchange dollars for Cordobas? No, most people will take US dollars, but most won’t take ripped bills, so bring newer money. If you enjoy exchanging money, you can, and you will know exactly what you are spending by the exchange rate you purchased.

Will my belongings be safe in my room? You bet.  We highly trust our house staff but there are also some safes available in the house for valuables.  There is also a night guard at each house.  As of now there are 3 working safes in Casa Colorados in each room with the exception of the guest bedroom and 2 working safes in Wave Garden (in the 2 upstairs master bedrooms).

How often is maid service offered? The houses include cleaning service daily.

What other services do you provide? There is a massage therapist on staff waiting to schedule you for additional sessions at your leisure, you will be treated to a surfing lesson, nature hikes, aromatherapy, cooking classes, and yoga classes, as well. There is also a boat trip the final day complete with everything you could ever need. view more

How will I get from the airport to the retreat? We will pick you up! We will have cars arranged by our closest friends at Iguanas, and they will whisk you off and provide you with water and any stops you need to make along the way. The trip is 2-2.5 hours, so feel free to ask the driver to stop somewhere if you like.

Do I need travel insurance? We recommend getting travel insurance in case of any unforeseen emergencies, because your full cost for the retreat is non-refundable.

Do I need a visa to travel to Nicaragua? When traveling with a passport, citizens of the U.S., Canada and EU countries may stay in Nicaragua for 90 days. No visa is necessary for travelers from the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. Citizens from some Latin American, Asian, African, and Eastern European countries may require visas, which can be obtained at a Nicaraguan Consulate.

What kind of medical facilities are there? All public and private hospitals and medical facilities in Nicaragua will treat foreign visitors in case of emergency, accident, sudden illness or a chronic disease. Most often you have to pay cash for treatment however some private hospitals accept payment by credit card. In Managua there are well equipped private facilities. If you need medical attention while in Nicaragua, the Metropolitano Vivian Pellas Hospital in Managua is a good choice. For minor colds, bumps, scratches, or stitches, we would arrange to have you taken to the US funded private Rancho Santana Clinic, located about 15 minutes north outside of Hacienda Iguana.

Do I need to bring a voltage adapter? If you are coming from the US or Canada you will not need a voltage adapter. Nicaragua operates on 110 – Volts AC (60 – cycle) nationwide.

What is the weather like? The temperature here stays pretty constant year round, only fluctuating between around 85-93 degrees Fahrenheit. November and December are still green and comfortable as the wind starts to pick up and it is dry from January through April. That is why we chose February for the retreat! It is perfect.

What is the water temp? Most of the year the water is comfortable (around 80 F), sometimes even warm, but November through March the water can get a bit chilly due to upwelling caused by the constant offshore winds. But, it feels so good when you’re hot.

Can you drink the tap water? The water in the area is actually spring fed and is fine to drink, but we do also provide our guests with 5 gallon bottles of purified water for drinking.

Where is the closest grocery store? Your best bet is to do the bulk of your shopping in Rivas at Maxi Pali or at La Colonia (most Americanized grocery store) in Managua or Granada but there are now multiple mini markets in the area within a 5-10 minute drive from Iguana where you can restock on provisions.

Is there a phone I can use? Yup, we provide a cell phone in each house and condo that you can easily add money onto to make local or international calls. Please find the instructions on how to load money in your check in info of Info Guide in the condo.

Is there internet? Yes, each house or condo have either wireless or a USB modem hooked up to a wifi hotspot.