The KZW Team


Pilates with Kevyn ZellerKevyn began practicing, and fell in love with Pilates 15 years ago. After teaching internationally for just over 10 years, she is now recognized as an expert in the Pilates world. She currently resides in Brooklyn and has become one of the most sought after teachers in Manhattan. She began Pilates at age 17 after experiencing a knee injury as a long distance runner. The practice not only healed her knee injury but truly became an essential part of her life.

Kevyn received her Pilates Certification and Master’s Certification at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. While studying at The Pilates Center, she simultaneously obtained her degree in Kinesiology at The University of Colorado at Boulder. Her degree in Kinesiology allows her to back the artistry of her teaching scientifically. Her teaching truly represents both a knowledge of, and fascination for movement and physiology. Her approach is subtle in that she prefers to allow the student to realize what they already know. She feels thankful and extremely honored to be a part of their journey towards optimal health. She has worked with clients of all ages and levels of fitness and teaches fluently in French and Spanish. Her enthusiasm for sharing Pilates with others is genuine…and contagious.


Scotty Craig, owner and founder of Sublime Harvest in NYC, was inspired to begin cooking at home shortly after graduating from college. As a naturally creative person, it provided a powerful outlet for his passionately artistic side. In addition, it was a great way to save some cash as a recent college graduate living in NYC.

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Originally from Quebec, Canada, Eric began his career as a professional dancer and continues to pursue his passion for movement and healing through yoga, massage and homeopathy. Eric is a teacher & practitioner of Yoga for nearly 15 years.

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Nahvae Frost is a private chef and yoga instructor, born and raised in Southern California, though rooted in Brooklyn for the last decade.  Her hope is to introduce people to new relationships with their bodies and how a beautiful equilibrium can be developed when our bodies are finely tuned.

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With a surfboard in one hand and a yoga mat in the other exploring the globe, stepping one foot in front of the other, I search for nothing but to be present and awakened by my surroundings.  Remember as children each day was a surprise; we lived completely in the moment.

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