Our Philosophy

Life is fleeting and most of us rush through it without remembering why we are even here.  Think of the retreat as a moment to hit the pause button… to  RE­connect, to REmember.

Kevyn Zeller and Scotty Craig, founders of Sublime Retreats, believe that in order for the body to truly heal it is fundamentally important that their students (YOU) are able to connect with the wisdom and beautiful rhythm of nature.  Upon making this vital connection, your “protective layers” will melt away and you will become more open and beautifully receptive to the healing power that is inherent in all living and breathing beings. On a Sublime Retreat, you will be allowed a chance to slow down and release the burden of unnecessary stress and worries. Upon letting go, a powerful REconnection with BLISS occurs and you will begin to radiate a profound and true inner light… You will begin to GLOW! Through the practice of Pilates, meditation, healthy eating and simply by BEing in nature, you will be able to sleep better, delight in a more stress free existence, enjoy more meaningful relationships and become clear on what you need to let go of in order to live a life that is in line with your authentic purpose. You will leave the retreat embodying vibrant health and a blissful zest for life!