A Tribute to Stillness

You’ve heard these quotes, most likely multiple times this week.  You’ve possibly even uttered them yourself.  I’m sure we all have at some point or another:

“I’ve been so busy lately…”

“I don’t even know where the days are going!”

“It’s been non-stop!”

The one I came across recently that inspired me to write this blog post was:

“I need a quick workout that will fit into my busy schedule.”

This one got to the core of me because I can see so many fundamentally unhealthy and misaligned messages wrapped up in this request.

First, what is it that really keeps us all “SO busy”? Is it truly all of the tasks in our every day life that need to be completed? Is it our inability to manage our time wisely? Or, could it be the fact that being BUSY is often times rewarded in our society? What is worth more, your health and happiness or those new, shiny shoes?

Back to the request that inspired this blog: “I need a workout that will fit into my busy schedule.” For this person who is well intentioned, trying to fit it ALL in, including a workout and hopefully a meal on the go here and there… here is my message to you.


Literally, stop.

Stop whatever it is that you are doing in this exact moment, close you eyes and feel what you feel like.

Are you tired?

Are you hungry?

Are you fulfilled?

What is your body TRULY asking for?

I’d venture to guess that the last thing on the list of requests that your precious body has for you, is a workout.

Why not take today off?

Spend some time in nature.

Sit on the grass and do nothing.

Look up at the sky and let your mind wander.

Take a moment to reassess your values, your life, and most importantly, your busy schedule.

Why not enjoy this weekend alone quietly or in the company of your closest loved ones.

Turn your phone off and nurture your sweetest and most valuable possession,


No matter what is going on in your life, and I truly mean no matter what, you will only be able to get through it with honest integrity if you remember to listen to your body and allow it what it is asking for.

Honor it, respect it.

YOU are worth it.

I believe in you,

“It must be those brief moments
when nothing has happened – nor is going to.
Tiny moments, like islands in the ocean
beyond the grey continent of our ordinary days.
There, sometimes, you meet your own heart
like someone you’ve never known.”
~Hans Børli