Create your very own morning routine!

I truly believe that with the start of each brand new day, a beautiful opportunity presents itself. How we choose to begin the day determines how present we will be that day, and more importantly how receptive we will be to the magic and wonder surrounding each waking moment.

For this reason, I am a firm believer in ritual, rhythm, and flow. I like to find a rhythm to each day, to each week, month and finally what I call my yearly rhythm. This rhythm allows my life a constant and beautiful beat to dance with… As my Father has told me since I can remember:

“Life is good to dance with my darling, not a fight.” – Ben Zeller

I strive to live by these words.

If you are struggling to find your rhythm… perhaps the structure that I have come up with will provide you with the framework necessary to develop your very own! Personalize it, authenticate it…. I remember when I was learning, and I said to my teacher, “but I can’t get up at the exact same time every single day AND live the life that I want to live…”

And as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I had answered my own question.

THAT is the KEY!

Knowing WHAT the life that you want to live IS.

Upon knowing that, seeing it, believing you deserve it… you begin manifesting such a life. Creating healthy and sustainable patterns that will nurture and attract that sort of abundance into your life is at the essence of such a powerful and beautiful manifestation!

And do it YOUR way, not mine.

Not any one else’s.

For your inspiration… here is my daily rhythm:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:


I awake and oil pull. I swish the coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, while I light sage, start a small batch of coffee, shower and get dressed.


I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue, cleansing my mouth of all bacteria and toxins.


I drink between 4-5 cups of lime water. This helps to get my system moving after an 8-9 hour sleeping fast.


I light a few candles and sit in front of a little altar that I created and meditate for 15-20 minutes.


I get my body moving for at least 15 minutes. I either go for a walk outdoors with our dog or practice a little Pilates or Yoga.


If I still want coffee at this point, I poor a cup while I turn on my phone/computer and check in with emails and appointments for the day.

(This may be too much information, but I always try and wait to give my body a chance to eliminate before putting any food in my system). ?


Breakfast: During the colder months my breakfast almost always consists of a delicious quinoa porridge, warm and grounding. In the summertime, I usually start my day off with a smoothie always adding half an avocado and flax oils into it to ensure that my body receives the grounding and satiating healthy fats that it needs to thrive!


I am ready to start my day with a grounded body, housing an open heart and a clear mind.

Tuesday and Thursday:

I follow the same routine as on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but since my schedule is much fuller on these days and begins much earlier, I meditate on the train instead of at home to save a little time and not miss out on precious sleep!


No routine… I let myself be free of any set schedule.


Same routine as on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I allow it to start a bit later if my body needs extra sleep. ?

I hope that this helps give you a little inspiration to find an authentic morning routine of your very own!

Remember, the most important thing you can do for yourself, is to understand fundamentally what you want YOUR life to look like.

The life you have always dreamed of…

Create a routine that helps you nurture the abundance that you deserve!

Good luck!

Remember… the time for YOU is NOW!