I did it!

“I did it,” is my mantra for today which officially marks DAY 70 of my 10 week challenge!

I have had quite a few of my friends ask me why I decided to do this “cleanse.” To which I responded, “it isn’t the kind of cleanse you might be thinking of.” I didn’t take things out of my diet. I didn’t take things out of my life. Instead, I practiced thorough awareness of myself and my surroundings. This is something that my Pilates practice has certainly allowed me to become relatively “good,” at in general, but designating 10 weeks specifically to fine tuning this awareness was my intention.

And, I DID IT!!

Each day I began with a meditation and an intention. Something that I would focus specifically on for the entire day. It could be as simple as, not using the word “worry,” or “should.” One day I made it a point to not criticize myself or anyone else. One day it was to “allow everything I did to come from a place of grace….” to give you an idea. If I felt I needed to work harder on one of these qualities that I want to nurture within myself, I would spend a few days with the same intention fine tuning this skill, so to speak.

I added in as many self care practices as possible, from long walks by the water, to sitting peacefully on a bench or under a tree in the park. I worked on deepening my pilates, yoga and meditation practices and journaled about my experience the entire time.

WHY would anyone go to such lengths you might ask? 😉 I was inspired because I have a monumental new chapter starting in my life very soon. I am about to join my life with the love of my life, and I want to step into this chapter with as much clarity, grace and ease as possible. I take this commitment as one of the richest honors and gifts the universe has ever provided me with and wanted to allow it to be an opportunity for profound growth and self realization which, anyone who has planned a wedding, must know it is! WOW, do you learn A LOT about yourself, your family, your partner…the list goes on and on… WHAT AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

I took advantage of it, and dug deep.

My final goal to top of this ten week challenge was to write my wedding vows and, in addition, to write my Personal Manifesto! Putting these intentions on paper allows me to clarify for myself how I want to move forward into this new and beautiful stage of my life as an individual and as a wife, as a best friend and as a lover.

I am ready.

Ready to THRIVE!