Why this retreat is PERFECT for YOU!

Whether you are a seasoned Pilates or Yoga practitioner or this is your very first experience with either, this is THE retreat for you.

All of our classes are designed to provide you with clear and thoughtful guidance that will take you from the essence of the work, the FUNDAMENTALS, which are the building blocks upon which sustainable growth and transformation may occur, to the mindful “dance,”  that the more advanced work becomes.
We believe that no matter how far along in your practice you are, it is always beneficial to return to the source; to review and deepen your understanding of the “basics.” For those of you who have been practicing Yoga and Pilates for many years, you may find yourself running on “autopilot.” Our intention is to turn the light of curiosity back on, to remember the art of studentship, and be filled once again with the joy in wonder. Your practice will be REfreshed, your outlook REnewed, and your perspective shifted as you RElearn what best serves you.
From day one thoughtfully sequenced classes will build upon each other and you allowing you to leave the retreat with a deep understanding of what it means, fundamentally, to connect with your center and to move from a place of deep, structural integrity. Your practice will deepen; your body and mind will transform.
In order to fully benefit from the retreat experience we HIGHLY recommend that (although taking all of the classes is absolutely NOT mandatory), if your intention is to profoundly transform, that you make your best effort to attend as many (if not all of the classes) as possible.