Return to the Source

“No journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around it extends equally into the world within…”

~Lillian Smith

This is one of my favorite quotes. Ever.

It reminds me of the essence of connection. Connection with oneself, connection with others as well as connection with the beautiful and complex simplicity of nature.

Recenctly I was home in Colorado visiting my parents and one of our family friends showed up. He was helping my parents do a little work around the house. I offered him a cup of coffee and he and I sat down to catch up.

My first question to him was a simple one.

One that we ask without really thinking too much about it,

one that we are often asked and tend to give our own answers to this simple question with very little mindful consideration…

The question is:

“What have you been up to?”

To which he eloquently (and beautifully) responded:

“Out there?”


He put his hands on his heart and said,

“In HERE?”

I was so moved.

I responded with eager curiosity, “IN HERE!!!”

Who cares about what you’ve been up to “out THERE…” It has such little significance when compared to how it is allowing you to grow yourself deep inside the wisdom of your heart…

He went on to describe the inner growth he had been experiencing,

“Ive been working on developing my vulnerability, honoring my sensitivity and on growing my heart!”

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine spending time on:

Developing YOUR vulnerability.

Honoring YOUR sensitivity,


Growing YOUR heart.

I truly believe that in a world in which we all too often are made to (consciously or subconsciously) build protective layers around our purest essence, it is essential that we reconnect with the importance of allowing these layers to shed.

To melt away one by one….

The reason that I hold retreats is to provide a space in which retreaters are allowed to take (not only their layers of winter clothes off) but also one in which they feel comfortable and supported to shed the protective layers that encomber their truest, most vibrant and authentic center.

They are able to shed all of the layers of who they’ve been told they are since the day they were born!! In order to discover their true core.

Their true BLISS,

Their true CALLING.

Allowing the external journey to return to the source.

YOUR source.

Who YOU are…

Who you’ve always been.