cookScotty Craig, owner and founder of Sublime Harvest in NYC, was inspired to begin cooking at home shortly after graduating from college. As a naturally creative person, it provided a powerful outlet for his passionately artistic side. In addition, it was a great way to save some cash as a recent college graduate living in NYC.

His first roommates were the lucky recipients of Scotty’s developing talent. And he truly enjoyed cooking for them! He has always delighted in seeing his dinner guest’s eyes light up as they bite into one of his delicious and mindful creations.

great-foodIt took about 5 years of cooking for fun until he realized that this passion was not fading, and so decided to further develop his talent in the kitchen. He first spent a few years in Crested Butte, Colorado working as a prep cook (and snowboarding). A few years later he was offered an opportunity to work in some of the finest restaurants in Santa Cruz and San Diego, California. He spent 10 years honing his skills and becoming very efficient in the kitchen. He meticulously practiced and learned to execute a wide variety of cooking styles and countless techniques, all while also becoming an avid surfer.

After years working long restaurant hours, he sought out an opportunity to work with food in a new way and was soon offered a job with Whole Foods. This opportunity shifted his perspective on food and consequently his style of cooking in a deeply transformative way.
Scotty became inspired to delve into fully understanding the healing powers of food. He believes that the most powerful way to connect with nature and with health is through food. Scotty works every day to better understand what seasonal foods most effectively nurture our health. He lives to share this knowledge with his students so that they are able to stop merely living and learn to THRIVE by adding a more mindful diet into their lifestyle!