Sleep well…

I believe that getting 7-9 hours of sleep is absolutely essential. Personally, my preferred number of hours is 9 and I do my best to give that gift to my body each and (almost) ever single night!

I strongly urge you to come up with a routine that is authentically yours, but for inspiration I am offering you my nightly rhythm that helps lull my body into deep and restorative sleep every night. ?

As soon as I come home from a long day of teaching, I give myself time in nature, or meditate indoors during the colder months. This practice allows my energy level to return to “neutral,” before deciding on what I choose to nourish my body with for dinner.

I always eat dinner 3 hours before going to bed. I consciously choose to be very grateful for and aware of every single delicious and nourishing bite. I eat VERY slowly, chewing my food thoroughly and without the distraction of my cell phone, computer or the television. IF, for whatever reason, I have to eat later than I’d like to, I choose something light and easy to digest, like a vegetable soup or a yummy lentil daahl.

At 9pm, I turn all electronic devices off. This includes: my cell phone, computer, iPad and television. I can not stress how unbelievably important this is.

Throughout the day our senses are bombarded with stimuli, you truly MUST give your senses a break, so that they are able to settle into rest mode. Its essential and absolutely key if you want to achieve a good night’s rest.

After putting my electronics to bed I take a hot shower or bath with epsom salts and lavendar oil.

After my bath or shower, I give my self a nurturing self oil massage with a warm, balancing Ayurvedic oil or, if I have run out of my Ayurvedic oil, warm coconut or sesame oil does the trick. I start at the top of my head, massaging my scalp and face, all they way down to the soles of my feet.

I wrap myself up in warm and cozy clothes (so that the oil doesn’t get all over my sheets)… although I must say that I have ruined most of my sheets, so if that is of concern to you, I’d recommend doing the oil massage before you bathe or shower. ?

I get into bed (WITHOUT LOOKING AT MY CELL PHONE), close my eyes and rest peacefully for 8-9 hours.

Give it a try tonight and enjoy a peaceful night of restful sleep and sweet, sweet dreams.