Smell delicious!

My entire life, as a highly sensitive person, I have been incredible in touch with all of my senses. One that I connect with more than others is my sense of smell. I believe that this is true for most of us. Scent has the power of bringing us back to a place in time like no other! Which is exactly why we decided to add an aromatherapy class to the Retreat Schedule led by the one and only Nahvae Frost. Our intention is that guests will be able to capture the experience of the retreat in a little bottle and open it up back at home whenever they need to be gently reminded of the peaceful bliss they found while retreating.
In my personal life, I am mildly addicted to essential oils. I LOVE them.

My Daily Scent and FAVORITE summertime concoction lately is:

White Amber Oil. You can purchase this oil many places, but I get it at Mystic Essence located on Smith and Dean in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I could almost keep them in business with how much I buy for myself as well as to give as gifts for friends and family. I get stopped at least once a day by people asking where I got my “perfume,” and they are usually blown away to learn that it is an essential oil that I paid $10.00 for! ?

I love Amber in general because it is an incredibly calming and the scent is elegant and subtle.

Citrus Oils: In the summer I add a couple of drops of citrus oil. Although my favorite is Grapefruit Oil, I will also occasionally mix it up and use Lime and Mandarin Oils. Citrus Oils all have a mood lifting effect, making your energy lighter and brighter. And it freshens up the Amber Oil beautifully for summertime.

Lime, Grapefruit and Mandarin Oils can also ease anxiety and give your immune system a boost!!

Try it out for yourself and ENJOY!!

Have fun, be creative and smell delicious every day.